Kawasaki MotoGP Tests: Statements of A. West & M. Bartholemy

Sorry, Pressemeldungen von Kawasaki sind stets in englisch und mir fehlt gerade die Zeit für eine vernünftige Übersetzung:

Anthony West: “We haven’t really been looking for a fast time over the three-day test, but instead concentrating on working our way through a number of different set-ups to give me some idea of how different changes affect the feeling of the bike. It’s important work, and it’s what I was missing this year, coming in as I did halfway through the season. But, even though I know that the work we’re doing now is important for next year, I’m still a little disappointed we didn’t get the opportunity to try for a really fast lap. That’s the racer in me I suppose. Overall, the past three days have been very positive, and I’m enjoying working with my new crew to try and improve the bike further. It would be good to end the season with a good, fast lap and, although I’ve never ridden the Ninja ZX-RR at Jerez before, that’s what I’ll be aiming for when we head there at the end of the month.”


Michael Bartholemy: “Overall we can be very happy with what we’ve accomplished over these three days. It’s only John’s second outing on the bike and already he’s gone faster on race tyres than we’ve ever gone here before, which is very encouraging. His whole approach to this test has been extremely positive and the feedback he’s given to his crew and Kawasaki’s engineers means we will be able to make another step forward with the bike ahead of the year’s final test at Jerez. Anthony has also done some excellent work here, evaluating different set-ups on his Ninja ZX-RR and learning a lot about how changes to the set-up affect the feeling he has on the bike. This will stand him in good stead for the future. But, although this test has been very positive, we’re under no illusions about what lies ahead. We know this is a good circuit for the Kawasaki, so it will be interesting to see how much progress we make at Jerez, which is completely different in character to Sepang.”

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