Really? A Harley?

Well, well, well, confession time.

So for all the years and years I’ve been riding and racing motorcycles (including 16y-old me on a scooter..), I always referred to Harley-Davidson motorcycles as useless, pathetic and – what was worst – as “always standing in my way” 🙂

I did however always find flat track racing pretty cool. Really.

Video: Youtube

I particulary like that Flat Track seems to be pretty much your “everybody’s racing” – not an elite club where the invest into bike & equipment decides:

Video: Youtube

And, as it’s an American thing, it tends to happen on 2-Cylinder bikes from Milwaukee.

With the AMA Flat Track Racing Series being rather competitive, others brands are part of the game as well: Indian is doing a lot and also some enthusiasts create nice bikes from Japanese ingredients as well. But still: “the classic” remains a build based on a Harley-Davidson.

Those Harleys would typically be Sportsters, which are often considered “not real Harleys” by the Chopper guys. I could not care less about this opinion, as my objection was about bikes that would stand in my way – Choppers, big tourers, pretty much the opposite of the Flat Trackers.

Those are actually slicker, reduced and thus, really attractive. And then I moved to the USA (Seattle) and came across a really good deal for a Sportster…and I still had this idea of building some nice racing inspired Harley Davidson…

…well, now it’s said: There is heavy metal in my garage since a few months that will over time be converted into a Flat Tracker. Will keep you posted.

But the journey begins with fresh rubber…

And sorry, I never thought this would happen to me, either 🙂

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