Review: TC Bros Mid-Controls / Foot Controls on my Harley-Davidson Sportster

So…this is the “Racemoto Blog”. So Racing, yes? Yes, I still believe that is my main interest, that’s what fuels my excitement – or floats my boat…
So obviously, after buying my first Harley-Davidson last year, some adjustments had to be made. With those, the Sportster would be real fun, would be agile, would be less “chopper-esque”.
Remember: I wanted a Sportster, not a Harley 😉

So first step were suitable handlebars:

Clubman handlebars – a game changer compared to the OEM stuff…

And then, there was the ridiculous seating position by Sportster 1200C had with the forward controls. Actually, “very far forward” controls…

So they had to go and would be swapped with mid-controls. Learning that used OEM controls would not really be a cheap option (costing $ 170-220 on ebay here in the US), I did a bit of research and found the mid-controls TC Bros sells (those are $ 250 new, way less than other options I came across).

So I decided to give it a try and since I did not find too many user reviews for the foot controls, I am providing some information here. That’s actually not a complicated story to tell, because:

  • I am extremely happy with the purchase
  • shifting is super-crisp and direct
  • the material is awesome and the finish as well
  • all fits perfectly, nothing is missing – super awesome!
  • with 250$, I find the price to be super fair
  • installation was super easy: I needed approx. 3h, but I really did not hurry at all and even had to go and buy beer as I ran out… 😉

Here are a few pictures (as clickable gallery) of what I received, how it looks like when installed etc.:

All good. Look at it!

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